Micromax and Hugh Jackman: Videshi with Desi Brand

When I read this news on Firstpost I was literally shocked and confused. I thought “Am I reading this on FakingNews??!!” But then I reassured myself and as we all know it’s a fact that Micromax has chosen their Brand Ambassador as Hugh Jackman who is an Australian actor and famously known as “Wolverine Star”. Now let’s see what he has said as a brand ambassador of Micromax.

Hugh Jackman MicromaxHugh Jackman Micromax









“I am extremely thrilled and honoured to be part of the Micromax family. I am a huge lover of India as it is one of the most exciting countries in the world and we also share our love for cricket.”

“The new Canvas phone from Micromax is a leap in innovation with great sense of fun and amazing features that helps me balance my work with all the different roles that I play in my everyday life,” added the 45-year-old.

But after reading at Firstpost I was thinking of an article written by our Marketing professor Mr. Anand Narasimha – Has Incredible India missed the global brand bus?

And then I thought now Indian brands are trying to catch the bus which they missed and in coming years we might see Micromax in Interbrand ranking. However, every bold move brings critiques at every possible point, but there are also many people who are praising this decision, possibly because they are fans of Hugh Jackman or they may be too patriotic while seeing Indian brand having brand ambassador of Hollywood.

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Whereas people are also criticizing on Micromax service center and quality of mobiles which is a serious issue and Micromax should work on it first, we are not saying that taking Hugh Jackman is a bad idea or it’s not worth it. Definitely it will work for your brand as brand association with top class celebrity always works. But once the quality of mobiles and service centers are good enough then the association with Hugh Jackman would have definitely been more effective than it is now.

Author: Choudhary Harish



  1. Micromax is targeted at the ‘belly’ of the Indian mass youth market. Given its pricing, it is many notches lower in the price-image game, as compared to the Blackberrys, the Apples and the Samsungs.. Will Hugh Jackman be known to or connect with this segment remains a big question mark? Sometimes companies and brands take decisions which end up boosting their own egos, rather than being relevant for their consumers. Is this one such occasion? Your guess is as good as mine!

  2. Good way of catching the pace in the Indian market. The only difference in what they were doing then and what they are doing today is the brand ambassador. X-Men series a hit in India with huge fan following.. They have done used the secondary association.

  3. Guys, it is their strategy to go global, this ad has been broadcasted in most Asian countries,,,its not videsi in desi..but videsi introduced to inc share globally…and this will even be positive for english speaking Indian population..It will boast the brand equity.

  4. The segment that micromax targets in India is not perfectly in sync with the people who know or associate brand value with Hugh Jackman. However, Micromax will do well if it had implemented a very premium positioning for a device that costs anywhere between 30-40k and thereby leveraging the brand value of hugh jackman and also directly competing with category leaders like Samsung and apple. Also, Jackman is not a known figure in the tier2 cities where budget smartphones mostly drive their revenues from. Micromax would have benefited if it had chosen an ambassador for its target market or the current positioning rather than go for a international icon who is nothing more than a Non-desi face of brand to the majority Nin urban population.

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