Tweeting Bra by Nestle Fitness: Best Cause Marketing Ever

What an idea sirji!!! OgilvyOne Athens (@OgilvyOneAthens) hats off to you for this campaign. To promote the awareness about breast cancer what a normal NGO or any other organization can do? It can create a campaign of print ads, video ads, billboards, and social media or at the most make the video viral on YouTube and social sites, right? But here you will see the way Nestle Fitness is promoting it in a very unique way in which we would have never thought possible. Let’s check it out.

A first-of-its-kind bra which will remind tweeple about a breast self-test which females should never forget. So whenever a female unhooks her bra automatically with the help of Bluetooth device a signal is sent to a mobile to post a tweet @tweetingbra about it. This campaign was launched in Greece as a part of October’s global breast cancer awareness month. Maria Bacodimou (@mariabacodimou), one of the most popular TV presenters in Greece is the chosen medium to conduct this campaign. She has willingly signed up with Nestle, and will be wearing a tweeting bra for two weeks. Every time she unhooks it, well, all her followers will be reminded to run a self-check for breast cancer. This is also a great way to use a key influencer.

Along with this it is also giving suggestion how a female should do self-breast test with all easy steps which is very helpful.

But again I see things from organization point of view.  As I can remember my healthy discussions in CSR class room with my faculty Dr. Madhumita Chatterji, everything used to revolve around one question, “CSR at whose cost?” So the doubt I get here is that maybe Nestle Fitness, which is a cereal brand, just want to sell their product in market by increasing the involvement with females in Greece. The question remains to you now but the idea of campaign is really awesome to create awareness about breast cancer test and how easy and essential it is to detect the symptoms early.

Author: Choudhary Harish


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  1. This is certainly a great effort to create awareness. The question about CSR is how the company is earning its money not how it is spending on socially responsible efforts. If the profits are nor earned ethically then promoting a few charitable activities does not condone the organization and rank it high in CSR. CSR begins inside the organization and moves to the outside social world. Businesses have to follow ethical behaviour in all its functional areas which is not difficult because business can only start if it has an ethical foundation. Sustaining this foundation is the beginning of CSR. It is certainly NOT charity or philanthropy. CSR does not say do not make profit it just asks the question how? Secondly if we can understand the Trusteeship concept that was popularized in India by Mahatma Gandhi during our freedom struggle many of our so called “rational” questions will be answered. If business starts to believe that they are trustee of the wealth of the society then unscrupulous greed will not overtake.
    Let us try and understand the concept of co-creation and co responsibility to debate this further.

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