Adidas: Charge the City with the Energy of Runners

How can one sports company help an old stadium where there has been no electricity for nearly the last 29 years? They can start a movement, or make some awesome, creative ad right? But here TBWA/Moscow made an awesome campaign for Adidas which is creative and at the same time very simple. The whole campaign shows very clearly the objective that they are trying to achieve from this campaign. I would say this particular campaign of Adidas is a category buster in its category or among its competitors. Seriously, hats off to the team that made this campaign for Adidas.

For Promoting Adidas’ New Boost technology, an event was organized in Russia, in which runners generated kinetic energy just simply by wearing Adidas shoes. That energy was used to power the LED lights by plugging it to batteries which were charged by kinetic energy of an old stadium (Protvino) which hasn’t been lit since 1984. That particular day was like a celebration for all runners.

What do you think? Do company really need this type of campaign to increase the sale of their products? Voice your opinions.

Advertising Agency: TBWA/Russia

Creative Director: Maxim Kolyshev

Art Director: Antonina Pirogova

Copy Writer: Alexandra Vasilieva

Author: Choudhary Harish


One comment

  1. Nice Harry.. d campaign seriously expresses the message that all it need is an energy to bring about change..!! 🙂
    Gr8 article

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