TEASER EFFECT: From Hilarious to Thrilling Adventures

Teasers are a very creative way to effectively connect with all sorts of viewers, irrespective of any form of viewer segmentation, by showing advertisements which portray certain themes and/or concepts. These are something which the viewers can relate to or strive for and these advertisement campaigns are absolutely perfect for the adventurous ones, who are seeking a little adventure in their lives.

It is really difficult to influence and impact viewers by merely showing an advertisement, since these commercials last only for a few seconds. The entire idea behind these teaser campaigns is to utilize action packed sequences and thrill seeking themes as the most effective way to connect and communicate to the viewers and at the same time make them real sources of entertainment.  From Fast Food Delivery adventures to naughty and mischievous teen commercials, these teaser campaigns are offering the viewers the real adrenaline rush that comes from adventure and thrill seeking behaviour.

The aim of a teaser campaign is to create that interest amongst the viewers. Generally the details about the products or the services are not a part of the campaign and it keeps the viewers guessing till the last minute, in a very interesting, effective and impactful manner. It increases the curiosity amongst the viewers, to know more about the brand. The simple theory of AIDAS (A-seeking Attention, I – gaining Interest , D – kindling Desire, A – promote Action and S – Satisfaction) is followed while designing a teaser campaign. The Marketer’s job is to ensure that each of these steps are fulfilled for a successful campaign and quite obviously, after all the success of any campaign ultimately depends on the quantity and the quality of Sales it generates.

Teaser campaigns vary from very hilarious ones to major thrilling ones. Whatever the theme may be it should go with the persona of the product or service that the company is offering to its customers. For example, if you are a manufacturer of a Kid’s product, your campaign should not be a thrilling one and similarly if you are a manufacturer of a Sport’s shoe, it is expected that your campaign should be an adventurous as well as a thrilling one. It is really crucial for the brands, to choose the correct theme that augments well with its offerings. The success or the failure of a campaign depends primarily on this factor and also the impact it has generated amongst the viewers and on the recall percentage of the viewers.

Though teaser campaigns are extremely effective tools to promote your brand, it involves loads of risk in terms of cost as well as the level of the viewer impact. At times, brands are somewhat skeptical in trying out teaser campaigns and focusing on the mainstream and traditional method of creative advertisements. It is always suggested that one should venture into teaser campaigns if he has the true expertise and patience.

Author: Raj Chakraborty

rajarshi_chakraborty_bigProf. Raj Chakraborty, who currently holds the position of Assistant Professor – Personality Enhancement Program with IFIM B-School, has done his BA in International Hospitality Management, followed by PGDM from IIPM. He has 2.5 years of corporate work experience and 7.4 years of academic work experience.


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