Brand Bharat: Can Bharat Nirman Ad Campaign Turnaround UPA Image?

The ten year rule of UPA is coming under heavy criticism from all fronts. Especially the price rise, slow growth, policy paralyses, economic and political instability, weakening of rupee and most importantly the number of scams and corruption has put India in a shameful position in front of the globe. Hoping to negate the negativity surrounding the UPA, they have resorted to spend a humongous amount of Rs.500 crores on advertising. The deal is jointly struck by Dentsu, Taproot and JWT.

As a prelude to the entire plan of advertising activities, they have kick started it with an ad campaign titled Bharat Nirman hoping to begin the transition. The brief given to the ad agencies is to focus on the development agenda and the populist schemes that were launched during the UPA regime. The ad portrays the significant infrastructural development and the change in the standard of living that has been brought about in the last ten years. The execution of the advertisement is brilliantly done to the perfection pertaining to the brief received from the client.

My perception about the ad and its outcome is UPA claiming the transition to be its achievement doesn’t go well with the audience. Apparently the reason to believe is not so strong. The achievements they portray seem to be more evolutionary than it being revolutionary. Today’s audience are savvy enough to clearly understand the role played by somebody in claiming any achievements. It reminds me of the India Shining campaign floated by the NDA government which too did not do the magic when you have a bad reputation at stake.

The million dollar question is with all the given constraints and prior knowledge, will Bharat Nirman ad campaign be a game changer for UPA? Can UPA rebuild its lost image? In the given scenario the think tank of UPA should reassess their plans though there seems to be very less options lying in front of them. In a very dynamic environment, only 2014 elections will answer these questions. Let’s hope that the new generation voters will be wary of the situation and take a judicious call in electing the deserving party towards reinstating Brand Bharat.

Author: Dr. Manoharan S.

Dr. ManoharanAfter a career in retail for 3 years with Arvind Brands, Dr. Manoharan started teaching in the year 2000. Currently he is an Associate Professor (Marketing) at Department of Management Studies and Research Centre, BMS College of Engineering Bangalore. Dr. Manoharan has published a couple of book chapters and five peer reviewed journal articles. He has also done consulting assignments for Oracle GFIC and Valued Epidemics Pvt Ltd , Chennai. Courses offered are Brand Management, Marketing Research and Analytics, Consumer Behaviour, Marketing Management and Integrated Marketing Communications.


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  1. I agree with your statement that the ad is not making any strong effect on the audience. Though i think the ad agency has presented the theme very well but completely missed the requirement to reach the customers. I believe rather than showing what wonderful work they have done (arguably), they could have rather accepted on not being perfect and shown the same thing with incorporating the other side of the official political work, the side which is cumbersome, complicated and has a lot hurdles to be cleared to meet the better good, that might have done the trick or least garner better results than this one.
    I bet this ad would has made wonders for any other political party but not this time, not for this one..>>

    Note: Comment is not in support of any political party or candidate. It is a non bias opinion of an individual, myself, towards the advertisement and its execution.

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