The “DeBooze” Journey – The Final Turn

The Debooze Journey Part 1

The Debooze Journey Part 2

Alright, so far we have conceptualized Debooze by giving it a clear meaning through Primary and Secondary brand elements. What comes next? All of us were curious to know too.

So, the next part is poster designing. Here we were given an hour’s time to make a hoarding for our brand and another hoarding where we had to sponsor an event. As discussed in part two, we would associate with music concerts, rock shows etc. We did the same here. It was an easy task.

The Debooze Hoarding

The Debooze Event







The last and final destination of our journey was to make a video ad to promote our product. Ok, that sounds pretty interesting. Excited, to do this task in the best possible way, our brainstorming sessions for the story started. The whole team would sit down together every day and give in as many crazy ideas we can.

One thing we were sure of was to make our ads funny and not serious. Debooze stands for saving relationships, so let’s depict those relationships in our ad. Be it friends, student & teacher or husband & wife, all relationships are important for an individual. Then came another idea! Let’s make multiple ads rather than just one and surprise everyone. Even though it meant doing some extra work, we didn’t mind.

To make an ad funny, the dialogues have to be really crisp and edge cutting. And we all were a little sceptical about the dialogues to be framed in which language. Whether it should be English or Hindi? Hindi would make the ads funnier but the problem was whether everyone would be able to understand it. Solution was to make silent ads where acting becomes the voice of the Ad and speaks out for itself.

So, the idea is ready, now we need to focus on the story, screenplay, actors, camera, direction etc., etc. The funny thing is what we thought to put in the ad kept on changing day by day. Every day we came up with some or the other idea and the ads kept on getting modified till they were finally filmed.

The husband & wife ad was our first ad. We wanted to showcase how alcohol affects the most important relationship of one’s life. I must say, this is the most hilarious ad we had made. There was one scene where I wanted the wife to hit the husband with something. Then we thought of that “something” to be a broom or a stick. Then later just to make it funnier another idea popped up, instead of broom we will use the balloon hammer with which kids play. Then the next day we thought of making that hammer on our own as we could not find one. Then came in our creativity, we made the head of the hammer in the shape of the pill, depicting it as a Debooze pill. Finally we had a hammer made of wood, paper and plastic and covered with a yellow chart paper from outside. We even tried to use small steel bowls to give it the shape of the pill. But thank god it came up well without using it. And for the finishing touch we had put the name Debooze on the head. And thus was born “The Debooze Hammer”.

The second ad was related to drunk driving, which ofcourse is one of the major cause of accidents all around the world. The challenge here was how to showcase it. We thought of showing a guy riding a bike at very high speed and when the policeman sees that he pops out a Debooze pill which lands up in the mouth of the drunk guy who instantly becomes sober. Then came the twist. How do we show the pill so that people get a clear view of it being a Debooze pill? It has to be big enough to be visible while being thrown by the policeman. For this, we wrapped up the pencil color box with yellow chart paper. Now the next problem was, that it has to be small when it enters the mouth. We broke a yellow crayon for the same. Still it did not work the way we wanted it to. We had to think of something else. “Why don’t we use the Debooze hammer in place of the pill?”, was the thought which came at the end. So we used legendary Debooze hammer to make an impact. Earlier the plan was to use it in only one ad of husband and wife. As the days passed by, we thought of using it in all of our ads to show some consistency in the stories and align them around the same lines.

Now, last but not the least – the scene which marked the inception of Debooze – drunk student. For this we needed a Teacher too. We approached our Hostel Warden who has come across this scenario more often than we can even think of. Sir agreed to enact. We gathered few of our friends and shot the ad. I must say we could not stop laughing during the shoot. Irony was, we were filming the scene where students enacted being drunk though in real case even if anyone comes drunk, no one would try to show that they actually are.

Along with this we also started our Facebook page where we posted print ads created by us. This was not part of the competition, but the whole team was so passionately involved in doing the work related to it. This was one platform where we could show our creativity and we made the most of it. It got about 405 likes and reached about 19 countries.

I still remember the last day of this journey, all of us sitting on the floor in the gym all day. Giving some final touches to our videos to be presented in the evening. One of our team mates even slept on the floor in the gym just to save time. This was by far the best project we had ever worked on. I am sure all the students who were part of this subject would agree with me. Though Brand Management as a subject is over but the Journey is not over yet. It has inspired us to a great extent and we now know that there is still a long way to go.

Author: Shweta Sumal


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