Royal Enfield: A Thumping Journey Through Social Media

Royal Enfield as a brand is one that symbolizes power and has achieved a cult status over the years for offering cruiser bikes which have a soul.  The Brand has seen 50% growth in sales figure when Indian bike industry was going through a major plunge. Customers were lining up for 8-10 months waiting period when critics were busy criticizing it for handling, ride and built quality of Royal Enfield. But did that thing affect RE’s sales?  Why people refused to listen the content king critics and lined up to buy RE? All magic lies in the art of storytelling.

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The brand has managed to associate with the feelings and stories of their customers and what could be the best way to prove it apart from the sales chart. Hold on for a second and try to remember, when was the last time you saw a promotional campaign by Royal Enfield? What I remember is “Bullet chale duniya rasta de”. But recently RE started aggressively marketing its new flagship product, Continental GT.

A concept and name dating back to the 1960s, The Continental GT is a cafe racer. When the company launched the Continental GT as a cafe racer in 1965, it was Britain’s fastest 250cc. Fast forward to the day and the modern Continental GT is here. The Eicher owned company proudly claims the Continental GT is the fastest, lightest and most powerful Royal Enfield in production.

As Cafe racer is different from its siblings, so is the campaign.  As expected, the complete campaign of Continental GT is based on the principles of storytelling. The video screams for the bike and connects customer emotionally to brand.

Story: A band of rockers embark on an epic 11,000 kilometre burn-up. They set out from the birthplace of café racer culture – the Ace Cafe, London and finish at Madras Café, India, close by the Royal Enfield plant in Tamil Nadu where the Continental GT is built. Spanning continents and cultures, this café-to-café ride captures the spirit of pure motorcycling and the exhilaration of getting astride the lightest, fastest, most powerful Royal Enfield motorcycle in production.

The burnup was followed by an outbound marketing campaign too. The burn up started from Delhi to Bangalore to Pune to Mumbai and ended up in Goa. Group of 5 cafe racers were riding physically instead of transporting bikes for display in different cities. Fan following rushed to the cafes where bikes were put on display. Every burnup in city was followed by #cityname burnup. A set of questions is asked to the followers, guy with most correct answers was featured on the Burnup board and got the chance to win a test ride and burnup merchandise on the day of launch.

What made this campaign remarkable?

Automobile industry is one of those industries where you need a right mix and match of outbound as well as inbound marketing. You go for only Inbound Marketing and take the risk of being unnoticed and not taking consumer to the bottom side of funnel. OR You go for Outbound only model and land up in ROI bomb. So a right mix plays a huge role and that’s what made the RE’s new launch a success.


1) This campaign was built closely knitted around buyers persona with the art of story telling which we all wish to master in our content.
Cafe racer was also an Era where there were races organized from a cafe to another. RE has made that era live again, and the campaign exactly speaks the same. So right from the name, campaign and culture, everything associated with a one brand name. This deadly combination has created the increased exposure and emotional connection with the buyers. What else any brand can ask for?

2) Automobile industry is supposed to be an attraction magnet. Manufacturers get likes, retweets and participation upto a certain level very easily. But, to convert that buzz into sales, requires a perfect execution.
What made this campaign a success is the execution with outbound marketing. It created the urge among fan club of rushing down to the another part of city just to have a glimpse of the bike. Just exactly the way we rush to see our Favorite band, movie star.

Moreover, the demand created by the campaign has been successfully converted into sales. It takes a lot of efforts to do the last part of funnel. RE is pretending it like a cake walk.

Author: Ankit Patil
“A Fuel headed carnut, on the way of understanding the business behind wheels, inside out. Wantrepreneur, working on his first startup.”

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