Zomato: Buzz or Fuss?

We have often heard people saying that a marketing campaign failed and we sometimes don’t understand how. How it failed? Did it not give the outcomes as expected? Yes! It might not have given the results as expected. Some marketing campaigns failed, whereas some proved to be a disaster and got horrible response from the people. For eg. Zomato.

Zomato came up with a new campaign called “Delhi Tech Capital”, in which they wanted to shift India’s tech capital from Bangalore to Delhi showing their own comparisons and perspective. Some of them are:

“We don’t have curfews, which means you can work and play past bedtime. And the cops don’t chase you out of a bar when you need a drink or two.”

“Our roads are wider, which means you spend less time on the road and more time on the right things – work and family. Also, btw, our traffic is all online. #cheapshot”

They also stated the reasons why one should migrate from Bangalore to Delhi. The whole idea was to create humour around their recruitment campaign in Delhi and make the talent of Bangalore move to Delhi for it.

Response: It went viral. People have showed their disappointment over this campaign on the social media.  Within 24 hours, people have started jamming Zomato’s Facebook page with comments. Some have made the spoof of their campaign, some have written blog posts as letters to Zomato and some claim to have uninstalled their app. Hashtags like #ZomatoTomato, #Chumato etc. have gone viral overnight. Apparently, the campaign has hurt people’s feelings instead of poking their tickle bone. Although they have removed the campaign and asked for apology, people feel that they are still playing arrogant. It is overall, a big disaster!




The question here is what went wrong?

In India, people are little sensitive when it comes to their belongings or things related to them. You can compare two cities; you can show positives of one but never ever say anything bad about the second.  However, most of the times, this doesn’t apply in the products though.

Secondly, what is done is done. It cannot be undone. You can ask for apology in a humble way. People understand that mistakes happen and we are humans after all.

Thirdly, gone are the days when people had to find their channel for campaign. Today, it’s one word – “Social Media”. One initiative and it’s done. People can throw you down and you can miss the crown (well… it rhymes)

After all this hullabaloo, we should not forget that there is nothing called “Negative Publicity”.

Author: Payal Rochwani


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