Branding an app? AskMe how!

Thanks to none other than the Android market, we have thousands of apps getting developed now-a-days. We can get an app for almost everything we do. The height is, an app will remind you to drink water. What else do you want in life?

Apps indeed have made life easier. These days, almost all the websites are coming up with their app. Reason, the interface on devices other than desktop or a laptop.

Apps make your search easy. Some are specific for particular offline landmarks like restaurants whereas some deal with online shopping.

Marketing of the apps is where they need to focus on. There are so many apps, they get lost in the crowd unless a strong identity or marketing is given to them.

I found an ad featuring Ranbir Kapoor in it. Then I got to know, it’s an app called ASKME. I was wondering how many of the apps do something like that for the marketing. Anyway, the ad indeed had a Ranbir touch in it.


AskMe Ranbir

Indian sentiments say, if your favourite actor endorses a brand, people will surely try it. I, being an Indian, did the same thing. Result, it was different and useful.

Good interface:

ASKME is very easy to operate and is user friendly. Shifting through various features of the app can be done swiftly. Once installed, it’ll get your location automatically. You can search for any categories, say for furniture. It’ll give you all the names of the furniture stores in your city.

Finding product information:

For different categories, it makes the search easier.  The cherry on the cake is, you get the best deals in town for various items from head to toe in the ask me bazaar which is one of the features in the app. You can easily select the item and can buy it filling up the simple and necessary details. The process is nowhere complicated and anybody can use it easily.


review   Google Docs












After an item for a category is visited, it’ll give a description with the photos and catalogue of the respective item which is even more helpful for a person. Suppose you are searching a restaurant, it’ll provide you with menu, and photos of the food and restaurant. If you are searching for a t-shirt, it’ll provide pictures of it with a description. In my view, overall it is very helpful.

You can also give it a shot:

Author: Payal Rochwani


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