#SalesGyaan 1. Know Your Company and Founders.


First and foremost in any sales pitch, one must know about the company you work for because many a times people buy the culture and idea or they get fascinated the way company works. Ex- Airbnb in India with limited awareness to people still they are successful. As we can see that the reason why people become host in Airbnb because at one point they were the guest in Airbnb and got fascinated the way it works.

As a sales person or let say “Revenue driver” or so called “Future CEO” to be more optimistic. you should also know about the companies founder. with my own experience working in startup “People are interested in people” so when I say “My founders are from IIM, IIT or any prestigious institutes.” the credibility increases as we all know “Folks from these institutes are equal to celebrity in India with given gifted population.” so know about your company and founder as much as you can.

As Zig Ziglar quoted “People don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons.”

Happy Selling ☺

Any Gyaan, Please comment.

originally Published at https://medium.com/@choudharyhp/salesgyaan-1-know-your-company-and-founders-89d6b71d3e17 


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