Fortune Mother Exchange: “Don’t Watch If You are Missing Maa ke Haath ka Khana”

Being a nocturnal reader, I was going through my late night reading articles about ads and branding when I came across the new campaign of Fortune Mother Exchange on Bhatnaturally blog. I was really impressed and started feeling emotional which is generally doesn’t happen with me on seeing any ad because I know it’s just an ad and folks in this industry try to do it to gain a soft corner in the hearts and minds of the audience. But this was something different. I didn’t feel the emotions have been stuffed in this ad campaign. Why? First of all this campaign is effective in both ways, it can boost up the sales and also can increase the probability of going viral. SALES HOW? India is a country where a mother is worried about her child who stays far away from her because of study or job. The mothers are most worried about the food their kids are eating. What type of food are they getting? Is it healthy or not? Are they even eating properly? Is it tasty enough? These several questions can make a mom stay up all night. They call 3-5 times in a day and their first question would be “What you had in Breakfast/lunch/snacks/Dinner?” So every mother who gets to know about this campaign will surely try this and would like to exchange the recipe with another mother in different city. A mother would definitely like to share her child’s favourite food’s recipe with the other mother as who can understand her love better than another mother. So from mother’s perspective, this brand has scored 10/10. Coming to child’s part: A human is never grown enough to not like his mother’s food. They would definitely want to how is it even become possible and who’s making this miracle happen? Doesn’t Mother’s food gives 10/10 to this campaign from the Child’s side? Oh yes!

Let’s see how the campaign works:


So the user just has to join and fill the details and as per the preference they will find matching results. After that, they just have to send the recipe and explain it to each other.


Now let see this campaign, where the mother from Chennai whose child studies in Jodhpur and mother from Rajasthan whose child’s studies in Chennai, exchange their recipe and their child’s just get shock to see their favourite dish in surprise tiffin at hostel canteen.


What I loved the most in this campaign is that both the mom tries their best to make their child’s dish tasty, no matter how many hurdles they have to cross. They put too much effort in knowing the recipe, understanding the language and ingredients as the diversity in India is not only in culture but is into language and food as well. It makes you so emotional the way they have showcased the ad. Every minute details were captured in it. Shhhh! Tears in eyes! Hats off to the agency who have come up with such an awesome work.

So what I learned from this campaign?

  1. Good content do make an impact but not greater than a good story.
  2. Let’s go to basic of the product category in which we work.
  3. How to integrate a story with the technology and win the hearts of customers.
  4. As Hegarty says “Principles don’t change, Practices do”
  5. How to increase your customer involvement.

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