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Welcome to the brotherhood of brand enthusiasts! Brandworms is a community for sharing your views about brands that you admire or take inspiration from. Its not about what we know, its about what wisdom we can impart to each other and what we can learn in the process. So go ahead and tell us what you feel. While you’re at it, you can also ‘like’ us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and keep yourself and us updated.

BrandWorms Members:

HarishChoudhary Harish: Advertising and branding enthusiast who’s also an avid reader and always wants to know deep insight about different brands and a proud fan of David Ogilvy and Piyush Pandey.

Facebook: Choudhary Harish

Twitter: @choudharyhp


Payal Rochwani: An organised and creative person who loves to paint and make creative things. Simple ideology of live and let live. Interested in discussing and sharing the journey of a product to a brand, consumer insights and making brands interesting for consumers.

Facebook: Payal Rochwani

Twitter: Payal028


Shweta Sumal: Turned on by nice clothes and nice ads apart from being a big-hearted cat lover. Other interests include music and movies.

Facebook: Shweta Sumal

Twitter: shwetasumal


Arko Mukherjee: Insane head-banger, die-hard Manchester United fan and a follower of marketing and branding.

Facebook: Arko Mukherjee

Twitter: DarthDorkus

Shruthi RavishankarShruthi Ravishankar: A Passionate communicator, she lives her life with her own conditions, has her own perspectives and opinions which she doesn’t hesitate to voice. A true shopaholic and a Shahrukh Khan fan.

Facebook: Shruthi Ravishankar

Twitter: Being_Shruthi_R


Always seeks the answer of “WHY?”; because of a simple belief that nothing can happen without reason. Believes that branding is a very illusionistic in nature. But this hunger to know “why only few brands succeed & most of them not” creates the passion towards research.

Facebook: Abhijit Sarkar

Twitter: @sarkarabhi03

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  1. Seeing your blog for the first time didn’t impress me a lot because marketing blogs were created by every other IFIM batch. Surprisingly your blog caught my attention as it was updated regularly. Adding to that your “Expert Opinion Column” is awesome having articles from professors which is quite interesting. The way “DeBooze” Journey has been described is also very interesting. Your Facebook page having 785+ likes is also running good. A few posts on fb page helps people to update themselves about marketing.

    Praising your blog is not the only reason for posting this comment, instead I would suggest you people to work on its graphics, as it looks dull.

    All the best Brandworms team, keep it up good team work.

    Thank you.

    1. Thanks Deepika,

      We welcome the feedback.We are working on the graphics, as we are on many other things. We would really appreciate contributions from your side as well, because we are trying to build not just a blog, but a community.

      We hope you keep visiting the blog, and share it among your friends too.

      Brandworms Team

  2. I like the way you made the name of the blog from different brand names. The blog is clean and professional. It is a very nice blog. Keep it up guys!! Don’t stop it after you graduate.

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