Thanks to the tremendous support received from the marketing community, Brandworms has recently reached its first milestone – 1000 likes on Facebook. Our other stats also look strong as of now. For instance, the blog has 6,616 views from 69 different countries and 33 followers. Brandworms has also received retweets from notable Twitter personalities and organizations, like Ogilvy Athens, Maria Bacodimou – a Greek television presenter, TBWA, Surf Excel India and mbaclubindia. Some articles have also been shared by brands like Jumboking Vada Pav and Starbucks on Facebook.

With the onset of the new year, we would like to show our gratefulness to certain people without whom all this would not have been possible.

Prof. Anand Narsimha

Anand NarasimhaIt was Prof. Anand Narsimha‘s Integrated Marketing Communications class that opened the doors for us to the world of advertisements. This was followed, in the next semester, by his Global Brand Strategy class, which had us studying case studies of various global brands like Volkswagen, Heineken, Harley Davidson, Dove, etc. This gave us a new perspective to look at brands. We learnt that brands are more than just a logo or a tagline. They are about feelings and emotions as well. The real eye opener were the questions given to us at the end of each class

Prof. Anand Narsimha has also contributed two articles to the blog (Branding with the Enemy, No retirement for Brandulkar) , which helped us to get a new base of readers around the world. Given his credentials, his articles are hard to ignore.

Dr. S. Manoharan

1381174_228759490623802_2116254749_nDr. Manoharan‘s classes on Brand Management introduced us to the concept of branding. It was here that we created our own hypothetical brand DeBooze, which proved to be a turning point in our lives. When we saw how much we can do with a pharmaceutical brand, we realized that with a little creativity, wonders could be worked in other fields too. We also learnt to appreciate the efforts other marketers put in while branding their products.





Dr. D. N. Murthy

Dr. D. N. MurthyDr. D. N. Murthy was the first of our faculty members to contribute an article (Get the Best Out of Your Business Consultants). He then went on to contribute a second article (Branding You Business). This was exactly the kind of impetus we needed. It was in his classes that we learnt the nitty-gritties of market research and started to appreciate how tricky B2B sales could actually be. The latter being something that we have implemented professionally in the course of our internship.




Dr. Madhumita Chatterji

Madhumita_ChatterjiThough Dr. Chatterji‘s specialities are Organizational Behaviour, Cross-Cultural Management, CSR and Corporate Governance, what we really learnt from her is that it’s not all about what we achieve but how we achieve it. As she has repeatedly told us, “It’s all about the journey, isn’t it?” Her article, Can we Ignore Culture in Marketing, that she contributed to Brandworms was a strong source of encouragement to us all.




Dr. R. Ravichandran

Dr_RaviWhen we first approached Dr. Ravichandran for a contribution, his enthusiasm was contagious. An expert on international management, Dr. Ravichandran has a plethora of knowledge about various subjects like International Marketing, International Finance, International Business and Supply Chain Management. However, what really sets him apart from his counterparts are the numerous funny anecdotes that he shares in every class. We are soon expecting an article from Dr. Ravichandran as well.




Prof. Rajarshi Chakraborty

rajarshi_chakraborty_bigProf. Raj was our Personality Enhancement Program professor. He taught us about those little details in life that we often overlook, and told us exactly how they fit into the bigger picture. He also allowed us to eat into his busy schedule to give a presentation to our Juniors about Brandworms without a second thought. We are also really looking forward to his article on teaser campaigns which will be on the blog shortly.




Prof. Lakshmipathy Bhat

Lakshmipathy-BhatA celebrity in the world of marketing blogs, Prof. Bhat was supposed to take 20 sessions for us for the subject online and digital marketing. Unfortunately, he could take only 10 owing to health reasons. However, these 10 sessions were enough to get us started with Brandworms. He always showed how successful brands practically implemented their campaigns, and we would try and do the same for Brandworms. His 10 classes have been instrumental to the success that we have seen.



Apart from the faculty members, we have also received amazing support from our alumni and colleagues as well.


Mr. Ranjan Shetty, who is successfully heading Nouveau Group, a company that manufactures and markets Cream Liqueur in India took the time to do an interview with us.

aditya raghavan

Rohit BenganiJibin Joseph






Aditya Raghavan, Rohit Bengani and Jibin C. Joseph alumni members from the 2011-13 batch have also contributed articles to the blog, and have been active participants on Facebook as well. They have also been there with advice whenever we needed it.

Shruthi RavishankarSaurabh RaiAbhijit Sarkar






Shruthi Ravishankar, Saurabh Rai and Abhijit Sarkar, students of 2012-14 batch of IFIM B-School, currently doing their internship, have also contributed their articles to Brandworms, giving us valuable information and sharing their views about certain topics. Their support has also been instrumental to our success.


Gijo George





Ashok Soundarajan and Gijo George from the 2013-15 batch for graphic designing and technical assistance that they have provided, sometimes staying up late into the night.

This has been the story of 2013 and we hope to keep the fire burning through the next year and for years after that. We plan to have many more people involved with Brandworms, if only to keep the passion for marketing alight within us. So let us all work together to create a platform where marketers from over the world can interact and share their views, because that is ultimately what Brandworms is all about.



  1. Kudos… Harish and Team !!!

    As the quote goes… “A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit” – Richard Bach…

    You guys are doing an excellent job… Keep up the good work !!!

    Wish to see many more accolades in future…


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