@DaburIndia : #BraveAndBeautiful

I think gone are the days when brands used to show features and benefits of their product. Recently, Dabur came up with a wonderful ad or let’s say awareness campaign for supporting the people who fought and defeated cancer in society.


In this film, they have shown a beautiful lady who has fought with and defeated cancer and takes a step towards her normal life. She’s not sure if the society would welcome her back normally or would she has to face embarrassment regarding her looks without hair. On the contrary of her thoughts, the way her husband supports her with lots of love and maturity and a warm welcome at office, as if nothing has changed, makes her feel comfortable.

It is really good to see that brands are conscious about the society and its feelings. About the ad obviously it is one of the way to show how one should behave or treat people who are cancer survivors and not to outcast them. I can imagine how hard it would be for a brand manager to give brief for a brand like Dabur which have products mainly for hair category and even harder for the agency to come up with such a good idea and execute it intelligently which shows a natural fit. Because sometime agency becomes too much attached to the idea and they loose brand relevancy in it, but this is a perfect natural fit for Dabur. Salute to both Dabur and its ad agency for such a wonderful campaign.